Sound Ideas Of America, Inc.

Development Services


Modifications to our products

Are you looking for a feature in one of our products that isn't there? We can add features to our existing FineLine products to suit your needs. Let us know what you are looking for and we can discuss what is involved to accomplish it.

New products or utilities

For over 30 years Sound Ideas has been creating custom products for our customers. Do you have a need that you can't find a commercial product to fill? Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Contract projects

Sound Ideas can provide development "full-time" as a remote subcontractor for larger projects (when available).

Web Client

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

These 3 technologies are behind all modern websites like this one. Web pages are built with HTML, styled with CSS and given logic with JavaScript. JavaScript has become such a powerful programming language that entire web applications can be developed with JavaScript from the front-end interface to the back-end database logic.

jQuery, Bootstrap

jQuery adds streamlined features to JavaScript and Bootstrap provides advanced layout and controls. Both of these technologies are currently used extensively in web development.

Web Server

Coming soon!  Sound Ideas is currently working with a number of web technologies to determine which is the best for certain web/hybrid application requirements from the front-end interface to the back-end cloud-hosted server and will be releasing more information on this soon.

Legacy Client / Server

C on UNIX / Linux

Sound Ideas has extensive experience with programming in C on UNIX & Linux, as demonstrated by our large UNIX software product line.

C++ & C# .NET on Windows

Our numerous Windows software products are built using Borland/Embarcadero C++ and we have some experience with Microsoft Visual C++. Sound Ideas also has considerable experience developing in C# .NET for a multi-year contract project.

Native Mobile

Objective-C / Swift on iOS

Sound Ideas created and maintains two commercial feature-rich business iOS apps.

Java on Android

Although our experience with Java/Android development is not as extensive as with iOS, Java is a C-family language and is quite similar to other development languages we work with.