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FineLine PC AutoAttach

Attach UNIX files to PC email with optional PDF creation


FineLine PC AutoAttach starts a PC email program (ex: Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) with specified UNIX files attached to the message simply by executing a single UNIX command. An optional subject, body text and email recipient addresses can also be specified in the command to have them pre-loaded into the PC email program.

Two licenses are available:  Standard and Deluxe

The Deluxe license adds the ability to convert a UNIX text file into an Adobe Acrobat-compatible PDF "on-the-fly" and have the PDF included as an attachment to the PC message (along with other files).


  • One simple UNIX command transfers the UNIX files to the specified PC and starts the default PC email program (ex: Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) with the files attached to the message

  • Recipients of the message can be specified in the UNIX command, complete with carbon-copy and blind carbon-copy designations

  • A subject and body text can also be specified

  • With the Deluxe license, a UNIX text file can be converted into a PDF file and included as an attachment, complete with an optional JPEG background (the form the data completes)

  • Flexible PDF configuration templates can be created and specified on the command line for defining any number of configuration combinations to custom tailor the PDF file (ex: invoice, accounting report, etc.)

  • The PDF supports widths of 80, 96, 132, 144 and 220 columns (with optional automatic detection), an option to fit to 8.5", and 6 or 8 lines per inch

  • Any PC email program that supports the "Simple MAPI" protocol can be started by AutoAttach

  • No additional software or shared UNIX directories are required (FTP, Samba, etc.)

  • Version 2.0 adds improved support for changes in Windows starting with Vista that caused incorrect Windows "MAPI" errors (see below for upgrade info)

PC requirements

This software requires that all PCs to use the product be connected to the UNIX server over a local network or VPN.

Note that the PCs must either have static IP addresses on the network or use the FineLine PC Tether or Samba software to determine the dynamic IP address.

Also, FineLine PC AutoAttach may require that the PC email program use POP3 for retrieving email instead of IMAP due to a bug in some versions of Windows that caused MAPI errors when using IMAP.

Supported UNIX platforms

  • SCO OpenServer 5 / 6
  • SCO UnixWare 7
  • Linux

Product licensing

This product is licensed by single UNIX server (unlimited users).


Standard Version
  No PDF creation

Per UNIX server:  $395   (Unlimited users)

Deluxe Version
  Includes PDF creation

Per UNIX server:  $795   (Unlimited users)

Upgrade from Standard to Deluxe

Within 30 days:  $400

After 30 days:  $475

Version Upgrade - 1.0 to 2.0

Standard version:  $85   (Per server)

Deluxe version:  $125   (Per server)


Software License Agreement   Read this before downloading and installing any of our software

Evaluation License   This license enables our software to be used for a temporary evaluation period

Download Instructions   How to download and install our software

IMPORTANT:  Version 2 requires a new license. Do not install this product if you are currently running version 1 unless you have a version 2 license in-hand, because the software will stop functioning.

UNIX / Linux Server

SCO OpenServer 5/6

FineLine PC AutoAttach

SCO UnixWare 7

FineLine PC AutoAttach


FineLine PC AutoAttach


FineLine PC AutoAttach

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FineLine PC AutoAttach

All pricing and features are subject to change without notice.