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FineLine PC ChargeCard

Interface PC credit card software with UNIX


FineLine PC ChargeCard provides a data connection between your UNIX / Linux system and the Windows-based X-Charge credit card payment software for handling both recurring accounts (ex: monthly billing) and one-time transactions (CC purchase, return, void, and debit card purchase & return). It also includes an option for converting incoming XML to pipe-delimited for easier processing by legacy UNIX applications that have difficulty processing XML-formatted data.


FineLine PC ChargeCard enables running a UNIX command to start the Windows-based X-Charge ( credit card payment software, wait for it to close, then bring back the results of the transaction in a file that can be processed by the UNIX application - all in one command.

IMPORTANT: If you are running a different Windows CC payment package and would like to connect it with your UNIX database, contact us to discuss how your Windows software works so we can determine whether any changes need to be made to meet your particular requirements.

Why Windows-based CC software

With all of the new credit card security regulations, handling credit and debit card data improperly can cause serious repercussions. By off-loading the responsibility of CC information storage to a processing package like X-Charge, you are relieved of the need to maintain proper encryption and security levels to meet current requirements.

With FineLine PC ChargeCard, you can easily integrate PC processing software with your UNIX database by opening the PC software from within your application and receiving the program's results for incorporation into your database (ex: result code, transaction number, etc ), so you can have the "best of both worlds".

PC requirements

This software requires that all PCs to use the product be connected to the UNIX server over a local network or VPN.

Note that the PCs must either have static IP addresses on the network or use the FineLine PC Tether or Samba software to determine the dynamic IP address.

Also, if processing recurring charges, the PC running the credit card server software must have a static IP address.

Supported UNIX platforms

  • SCO OpenServer 5 / 6
  • SCO UnixWare 7
  • Linux

Product licensing

This product is licensed by single UNIX server (unlimited users).


Per UNIX server:  $695   (Unlimited users)


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IMPORTANT:  This software is designed to work with the Windows-based X-Charge credit card payment software. Although the configuration screen allows you to specify custom PC commands, if you are interested in testing this software with a different Windows CC payment package, please contact us first to discuss your requirements and whether this software would need to be adjusted to meet your needs.

UNIX / Linux Server

SCO OpenServer 5/6

FineLine PC ChargeCard

SCO UnixWare 7

FineLine PC ChargeCard


FineLine PC ChargeCard


FineLine PC ChargeCard

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FineLine PC ChargeCard

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