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FineLine PC DataPipe

UNIX / PC file transfer & remote execution


FineLine PC DataPipe enables the ability to run a command on either UNIX or a Windows PC that will transfer a binary or text file to the other system then execute a command on the receiving system to process the file (for example, push a UNIX comma-delimited file to a PC and open it in Excel).

How it works

FineLine PC DataPipe includes both a UNIX command and a Windows command for specifying the file to transfer, what system to send it to, and what to run on the remote system once the file gets there.

Both commands do not require any user interaction, so they can be executed from within another application for transparent operation.


  • Simply run one command on UNIX or a PC to "push" a file to the remote system and execute a command on the receiving system to process the file

  • Files can be transferred to a PC without running a command, and a remote command can be run on the PC without having to transfer a file to it

Use DataPipe to:

  • "Pop-up" a Windows program with data from the UNIX server (ex: export data and have it fill in a PC spreadsheet program, build a graph, or display a specified Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

  • Send address information to a PC to print a label on a Windows-only USB label printer

  • Update dissimilar databases automatically

  • Provide a "preview" function before printing or e-mailing

  • Display a UNIX context-sensitive help page in a PC web browser

Version 3 adds improved support for Windows Vista & 7+ changes by Microsoft, improved launching of the PC program in front of other running applications and more (see below for upgrade pricing)

PC requirements

This software requires that all PCs to use the product be connected to the UNIX server over a local network or VPN.

Note that the PCs must either have static IP addresses on the network or use the FineLine PC Tether or Samba software to determine the dynamic IP address.

Supported UNIX platforms

  • SCO OpenServer 5 / 6
  • SCO UnixWare 7
  • Linux

Product licensing

This product is licensed by single UNIX server (unlimited users).


Per UNIX server:  $495   (Unlimited users)

Version Upgrade - v1/2 to v3

Per Server:  $95

Special Pricing

Buy DataPipe & DataWait together:  $890   (Save $200)


Software License Agreement   Read this before downloading and installing any of our software

Evaluation License   This license enables our software to be used for a temporary evaluation period

Download Instructions   How to download and install our software

IMPORTANT:  Version 3 requires a new license. Do not install this product if you are currently running version 1 or 2 unless you have a version 3 license in-hand because the software will stop functioning.

UNIX / Linux Server

SCO OpenServer 5/6

FineLine PC DataPipe

SCO UnixWare 7

FineLine PC DataPipe


FineLine PC DataPipe


FineLine PC DataPipe

PC Client


FineLine PC DataPipe

All pricing and features are subject to change without notice.