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FineLine Mobile Access

Intra-office mobile access to UNIX data


FineLine Mobile Access provides an easy way to have any wireless device that can view web pages access select data on your UNIX server. Since the user never actually logs onto the UNIX server, your data remains secure and only information you specifically make available to that user can be accessed.

Mobile Access works by taking the results of your application (ex: customer order details) and customizes a web page that is returned to the waiting device. Since you specify what UNIX command Mobile Access runs for each page, you control how the data is processed by your database and exactly what information is returned.

In addition to the many features offered by its "sister product", FineLine WebLink, Mobile Access adds support for providing an initial login/connection page and can serve image and file assets embedded in the web pages to the calling browser (WebLink requires a separate website to host the start page and any image files). Mobile Access includes these additional features because the UNIX server should be the only web server the device will contact whereas WebLink is designed to be accessed from an existing website.




  • The UNIX application only needs to be able to read an input text file, process the data (i.e. lookup the information in the database) and write an output text file.

  • FineLine Mobile Access will only receive, reformat and pass text files - so your UNIX system remains secure since it cannot be directly accessed by a user or program through this software

  • Up to 9,999 different web pages can run specific UNIX commands to process data for any type of application (ex: order status, information requests, tracking numbers, inventory queries, etc.)

  • Built-in filtering is included for parsing and converting the incoming data to prepare it for being consumed by your UNIX application

  • Any errors encountered (ex: invalid access requests) are logged and can generate an e-mail message to any number of users sent through a specified SMTP server

  • An easy-to-use UNIX configuration interface along with detailed instructions are provided for configuring the software

  • A separate session is maintained for each user with adjustable inactivity and total usage timers

Implementing Mobile Access
  1. Install, license and configure the FineLine Mobile Access software on UNIX

  2. Create web page forms that the user will use to access your data (Sound Ideas can assist with page creation, if required)

  3. Create the function(s) that will take the formatted incoming data from Mobile Access, look up information in your database software and return the desired results

Example uses
  • Update the UNIX system's inventory in real-time
  • Real-time comparison of received goods to purchase order for immediate notification of incorrect or missing goods
  • Mobile point-of-sale, price verification & gift registry
  • Immediate location information for incoming pallets in a warehouse
  • Salespeople enter orders in real-time
  • Installation crews access their schedules and enter time sheets
  • Delivery personnel log deliveries
  • Repair personnel check stock and order parts
  • Remote access of customer information


Your UNIX server must have a static IP address (or use a dynamic DNS service to associate a fixed domain name with a dynamic IP address) so the device can connect directly to your server.

Supported UNIX platforms

  • SCO OpenServer 5 / 6
  • SCO UnixWare 7
  • Linux

Product licensing

This product is licensed by single UNIX server (unlimited users).


Per UNIX server:  $2,395   (Unlimited users)


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FineLine Mobile Access

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FineLine Mobile Access


FineLine Mobile Access


FineLine Mobile Access

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