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FineLine Internet MailServer

Easily send & receive Internet email with UNIX


FineLine Internet MailServer enables a UNIX system to start sending and receiving Internet email using standard SMTP and POP3 in literally minutes, eliminating the need to set-up and maintain complicated sendmail or mmdf and provides the ability to send email with attachments directly from your UNIX application.

It also includes both SMTP and POP3 servers for connecting PCs and other systems to Internet email through the UNIX Internet connection.

It provides a powerful, flexible, easier-to-use and much less expensive alternative to PC-based mail server products like Microsoft Exchange.


The key to FineLine Internet MailServer's ease in set-up and use is that it makes the multiuser UNIX system look like a regular PC email program (ex: Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) so it can use a standard Internet PC account yet still support multiple users receiving email in the same mailbox.

  • Enables having an entire company send and retrieve Internet email with a single Internet account

  • Addition and deletion of users is all done locally, without requiring any contact with the ISP or changing any mailbox names

  • Provides the functionality of the system mail program without the setup and maintenance headaches

  • Includes SMTP & POP3 servers for connecting PCs and other systems to the FineLine Internet MailServer, enabling them to access Internet email through the UNIX Internet connection

  • Works transparently with the FineLine Message Manager, or any UNIX email interface program

  • Includes a basic email filtering system for weeding out unwanted email messages

  • Includes a POP mailbox maintenance program that enables accessing a mailbox on the Internet interactively. This feature enables viewing and printing message headers or entire messages, and deleting any combination of messages without having to download them to your system (a great way to delete a troublesome incoming message before it gets to your system).

  • Enables attaching multiple files to a message with standard BASE64 from a command-line

  • Includes an "auto-attendant" feature that can automatically detach and process data files attached to incoming messages

  • Supports multiple domain names on the same system and multiple Internet POP email accounts

  • Handles incoming & outgoing system mail functions including returning mail with an announcement, auto forwarding, return-receipt, user name mapping and more

  • Supports Authenticated SMTP servers (starting with version 2.1 - see below for upgrade information)

  • Takes only minutes to install and configure


To send email from UNIX, FineLine Internet MailServer requires access to a standard authenticated SMTP server.  This is usually available from the Internet Service Provider that is providing the Internet access.  Note that the SMTP server must not require encryption (SSL/TLS) so services like gmail and yahoo will not work.

For incoming mail support, either a registered Domain Name with Virtual Domain Support from the ISP (so all incoming messages for a domain name are placed into one POP3 mailbox) or the ISP forwards each incoming message directly to the MailServer's SMTP server for local delivery (requires your UNIX server to be running 24/7)

Supported UNIX platforms

  • SCO OpenServer 5 / 6
  • SCO UnixWare 7
  • Linux

Product licensing

This product is licensed by registered users. This requires registering the UNIX login name of every user to send or receive Internet or PC email (unless an "unlimited user" license is purchased). The available license increments can be combined to obtain any capacity (with a minimum of 5 registered users).


1 User:  $73    (Requires 5+ Users)

5 Users:  $265

10 Users:  $480

25 Users:  $1,075

50 Users:  $1,900

100 Users:  $3,400

Unlimited Users:  $5,400

Upgrade pricing - 2.0 to 2.1
  (Adds Auth SMTP support)

Per system:  $185

Upgrade pricing - 1.X to 2.0

Directions: Using your current number of registered users in version 1, find the upgrade cost per user in the table below and multiply the two to determine the cost to upgrade to version 2.0 for the same number of users (then add the $185 upgrade fee for the current version 2.1). Note that the number of users cannot be increased with this upgrade pricing (see standard pricing above for adding users).

1-9 Users:  $13 per user

10-24 Users:  $12 per user

25-49 Users:  $11 per user

50-99 Users:  $10 per user

100-249 Users:  $9 per user

Unlimited Users:  $1,400


Software License Agreement   Read this before downloading and installing any of our software

Evaluation License   This license enables our software to be used for a temporary evaluation period

Download Instructions   How to download and install our software

IMPORTANT:  Version 2.1 requires a new license. Do not install this product if you are currently running version 1.X or 2.0 unless you have a version 2.1 license in-hand, because the software will stop functioning. Also note that upgrading to 2.1 at any point will require re-registering your users.

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FineLine Internet MailServer

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FineLine Internet MailServer


FineLine Internet MailServer


FineLine Internet MailServer

All pricing and features are subject to change without notice.