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FineLine Menu Manager

UNIX menu generation


FineLine Menu Manager includes both designer and runtime programs for creating professional user menus for character-based terminals, simplifying choices for users while increasing system security.

The FineLine Menu Manager package includes two programs: one for creating and editing menus and a second program for executing the menus. By simply adding a one-line command to users' .profile files, users can be presented with a menu as soon as they log onto the UNIX system.


  • Provides an easy-to-use and professional interface to any character-based UNIX system within minutes

  • In addition to simple single-keystroke execution of any command, menus can also limit access to the system, increasing system security

  • Replaces clumsy shell-script menus or the unfriendly shell prompt with secure, fast-loading, attractive, and easy-to-use menus

  • Any menu can be executed upon login to enable a secure and friendly working environment for the user

  • Each menu can include up to 30 items in one or two columns, and menus can call multiple layers of sub-menus

  • In-column headings are available, and custom "pop-up" help can be specified for each menu item

  • Menus can be previewed at any time during creation, and even while selecting a menu to edit, delete, print or execute

  • A 200+ line command script can be created from within the program using a full word-processing style editor complete with word wrap, insert mode, text import & export, search, copy, move, and more

  • Menu items and associated command scripts can be copied, moved, inserted and deleted with ease

  • Entire menus, including any associated command scripts, can be completely copied or deleted

  • System environment variables can be set from a menu which will remain in effect for the entire session

  • Secure passwords can be specified to limit access to entire menus or to any individual items

  • A complete listing of any menu's information can be printed along with its associated command scripts

  • Menu files can be located in any directory and call sub-menus in other directories

  • The first menu loaded can be made to use an alternate character to exit, eliminating users accidently logging off the system when exiting sub-menus

  • Separate custom colors can be specified on supported terminal types for when the program is running and for when it exits

  • All standard character-based terminals are supported, including (really old) terminals which lack arrows, function keys, graphics or highlight

Supported UNIX platforms

  • SCO OpenServer 5 / 6
  • SCO UnixWare 7
  • Linux

Product licensing

This product is licensed by registered users. This requires registering the login name of every user to use the package at any time with the software. The available license increments can be combined to obtain any capacity (with a minimum of 5 registered users).


1 User:  $25    (Requires 5+ Users)

5 Users:  $75

10 Users:  $140

25 Users:  $325

50 Users:  $600

100 Users:  $1,100

250 Users:  $2,500


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FineLine Menu Manager

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FineLine Menu Manager


FineLine Menu Manager


FineLine Menu Manager

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