Sound Ideas Of America, Inc.


Graphical Form Designer

FineLine PC PrintForm
PC form designer / viewer / emailer / printer

PC Interface Designer

FineLine Reface / FineLine Review
Graphical interface designer for character-based software

Electronic Documents

FineLine PC ImageLink
UNIX / PC document scanning, filing, viewing, printing & emailing
FineLine PC ScanReader
Scan & extract text from documents to UNIX using OCR
FineLine Trapeze
UNIX PDF creation, filing & direct emailing


FineLine PC AutoAttach
Attach UNIX files to PC email with optional PDF creation
FineLine Message Manager
Character-based & PC email interface
FineLine Internet MailServer
Easily send & receive Internet email with UNIX
FineLine SpamFilter
Aggressive email filtering for business

Signature Capture

FineLine PC Tablet
UNIX / PC signature capture to PDF or graphic

Data & File Exchange

FineLine PC DataPipe
UNIX / PC file transfer & remote execution
FineLine PC DataWait
Open UNIX file in PC program & wait for results
FineLine PC ChargeCard
Interface PC credit card software with UNIX
FineLine WebPublish
UNIX web page merging & FTP file posting

UNIX Data Access

FineLine WebLink
UNIX / web data exchange
FineLine Mobile Access
Intra-office mobile access to UNIX data


FineLine PC Tether
Dynamic IP address tracker
FineLine Menu Manager
UNIX menu generation