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FineLine Trapeze

UNIX PDF creation, filing & direct emailing


FineLine Trapeze creates Adobe Acrobat-compatible PDF files from standard UNIX text files, with options to add a JPEG image to the background (ex: the form the data completes), e-mail the PDF file directly as an attachment, file the PDF for our FineLine PC ImageLink document management software, break a report into smaller sections that are processed independently, and add a signature field compatible with our FineLine PC Tablet UNIX/PC signature capture software.

Trapeze also provides the ability to electronically archive reports so they can easily be retrieved at any time in the future, rather than being printed and stored in a box in a remote location.




  • A JPEG image can be placed behind each page of text, creating a full-color "form" that the data from the text file "fills in", with options for adjusting the text so it is positioned properly on the background form

  • Flexible configuration templates can be created and specified on the command line for defining any number of configuration combinations to custom tailor the PDF file

  • Support is included for 80, 96, 132, 144 and 220 column widths (with optional automatic detection), an option to fit to 8.5", 6 or 8 lines per inch, and a page length based on the input text file

  • A single report can automatically be broken into multiple separate PDF and/or text files, with the ability to save and/or e-mail each PDF segment independently. An example of use would be to automatically break up a report that contains information for multiple customers into numerous reports, with each customer receiving their respective copy.

  • A signature field can be added anywhere on the first or last page of the document, enabling the addition of an electronic signature directly into the PDF with our FineLine PC Tablet UNIX/PC signature capture software (and a supported signature tablet)

  • The PDF can be created and e-mailed in a single command (with a return-receipt requested), with options to have the source text file automatically deleted when complete and optionally filed under our FineLine PC ImageLink electronic document management software

  • Any SMTP server can be used for sending the PDF via e-mail, with the ability to specify a default or command line subject, and a default body or text file containing the body of the message - complete with automatic word wrap

  • When e-mailing the PDF, the file is converted into a standard BASE64 attachment and attached to the message so no additional e-mail software is required

  • Regular, carbon-copy and blind carbon-copy recipients can be specified on the command line or in a text file - great for e-mailing PDF newsletters generated automatically on UNIX

  • Reports can be archived electronically for immediate retrieval, rather than printed and stored in a box

Features added in version 2
  • Authenticated SMTP server support

  • Optional command-line specification of alternate domain for return e-mail addresses

  • All errors added to log for debugging when embedded in application

  • Some smaller enhancements & adjustments

Supported UNIX platforms

  • SCO OpenServer 5 / 6
  • SCO UnixWare 7
  • Linux

Product licensing

This product is licensed by registered users. This requires registering the UNIX login name of every user who will create PDF files with the software (unless an "unlimited user" license is purchased). Note that the license quantities are additive, so a 5 and a 10 can be combined to obtain 15 users.


Full Version

Base product:  $750   (No users included)

+5 users:  $160   Ex: $750 + $160 = $910

+10 users:  $300   Ex: $750 + $300 = $1,050

+25 users:  $725   Ex: $750 + $725 = $1,475

+50 users:  $1,400   Ex: $750 + $1,400 = $2,150

Unlimited users:  $2,045   Ex: $750 + $2,045 = $2,795

Version Upgrade - 1.x to 2.0

Per System:  $185

Signature-Only Version

Only creates a PDF file with a signature field for the FineLine PC Tablet software - no e-mail, JPEG, etc.

Per User:  $125


Software License Agreement   Read this before downloading and installing any of our software

Evaluation License   This license enables our software to be used for a temporary evaluation period

Download Instructions   How to download and install our software

IMPORTANT:  Version 2 requires a new license. Do not install this product if you are currently running version 1 unless you have a version 2 license in-hand, because the software will stop functioning. Also note that upgrading to v2 at any point will require re-registering your users.

UNIX / Linux Server

SCO OpenServer 5/6

FineLine Trapeze

SCO UnixWare 7

FineLine Trapeze


FineLine Trapeze


FineLine Trapeze

All pricing and features are subject to change without notice.