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FineLine WebLink allows standard web page forms and programs to quickly and easily exchange information directly with your UNIX server without requiring any additional web software on UNIX. You specify what UNIX command to run for each type of incoming data and WebLink can merge the output of your command with a web page template to return customized web pages to the user.

Since WebLink can accept incoming XML and convert it to fixed-length or delimited text formats, WebLink can also be used to accept XML data from other systems for processing by the UNIX server.

Two license versions are available: Standard and Deluxe

The Deluxe version adds support for maintaining a separate session for each web user (usually accomplished through a login form), automatic paging of large reports without intervention by the UNIX database, and "data persistence" which eliminates the need to manually maintain values that carry from page to page (ex: customer number, company information, etc.) - greatly simplifying the work required by the web page designer and UNIX programmer.

By making only a few simple modifications to a standard web page form, the data entered in the fields of the form can be transferred directly to your UNIX server and processed by any UNIX command you desire to handle that particular form's data and return the results.




  • Standard web page forms require only a few simple modifications to support data exchange with FineLine WebLink

  • The UNIX application only needs to be able to read an input text file, process the data (i.e. lookup the information in the database) and write an output text file

  • FineLine WebLink will only receive, reformat and pass text files so your UNIX system remains secure since it cannot be directly accessed by a user or program through this software

  • Direct data exchange from web programs is also supported with optionalXML to straight-text conversion

  • Data from your database command can be merged with existing HTML web pages to create custom pages dynamically

  • In addition to returning text or HTML web pages, WebLink also supports returning photos, videos, PDF files and more as a response to an incoming request. Custom PDF files can even be created from your UNIX data "on-the-fly" with our FineLine Trapeze software and forwarded to the web user with WebLink

  • Up to 9,999 UNIX commands can be specified to process data for any type of application (ex: order status, information requests, tracking numbers, inventory queries, etc.)

  • Built-in filtering is included for parsing and converting the incoming data to prepare it for being consumed by your UNIX application (including HTTP query and XML formats)

  • An option is available for wrapping outgoing text with HTML information to automatically create a web page from "raw text" output

  • A program is included for testing the input and output on the UNIX system without requiring a web browser or Internet connection

  • Any errors encountered (ex: invalid access requests from the Internet) are logged and can generate an e-mail message to any number of users sent through a specified SMTP server

  • An easy-to-use UNIX configuration interface is provided for configuring the software and making it operational in literally minutes

  • The Deluxe license adds the ability to maintain a separate login session for each web user, automatically save and replace variables when merging pages, automatically break-up large reports and more

  • Extensive documentation is provided which includes numerous examples and detailed explanations of what is involved in creating a complete dynamic web page system

Implementing WebLink
  1. Install, license and configure the FineLine WebLink software on UNIX

  2. Create web page forms that the web user will use to access your data from the web site (Sound Ideas can assist with page creation, if required)

  3. Create the function(s) that will take the formatted incoming data from WebLink, look up information in your database software and return the desired results

Example uses

Since FineLine WebLink can be used with web pages on any website 24/7, anyone can access select data on the UNIX server as long as they have Internet access with a web browser.

  • Customers check order status
  • Service personnel enter job completion information
  • Customers schedule delivery / installation themselves
  • Installation crews access their schedules
  • Repair personnel order parts
  • Technicians access detailed specs & installation instructions
  • Clients search pending case status
  • Shippers check delivery status
  • Suppliers check inventory
  • Job seekers check available job listings
  • Salespeople view customer accounts
  • Customers request copies of invoices / statements / bills
  • Students can check grades / schedules / requirements


Your UNIX server must have a static IP address (or use a dynamic DNS service to associate a fixed domain name with a dynamic IP address) so web pages can connect directly to your server from anywhere on the Internet.

Supported UNIX platforms

  • SCO OpenServer 5 / 6
  • SCO UnixWare 7
  • Linux

Product licensing

This product is licensed by single UNIX server (unlimited users).


Standard Version

Per UNIX server:  $995   (Unlimited users)

Deluxe Version

Per UNIX server:  $1,895   (Unlimited users)

Upgrade from Standard to Deluxe

Within 30 days:  $900

After 30 days:  $1,050


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FineLine WebLink

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