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FineLine WebPublish

UNIX web page merging & FTP file posting


By executing a single UNIX command, FineLine WebPublish can:

  • Customize a web page by merging it with UNIX data and then post it to a website

  • Upload a single file or a set of files to a website

  • Download a single file or a set of files from a website

  • Delete a single file or a set of files from a website

  • Rename a file on a website

  • Automatically remove a file or a set of files from a website once its specified "life" has expired


FineLine WebPublish is a specialized command-line driven FTP client that provides:

  • A powerful UNIX data merge function enables "on the fly" customization of web pages with UNIX data

  • A merged web page can be created and posted to the website in one step, or saved on the UNIX hard drive for inclusion in a file set

  • "File sets" enable specifying any number of files to be treated as one unit for uploading, downloading or deleting - greatly simplifying control over multiple related website files

  • A "life" can be assigned to files and file sets as they are uploaded with automatic deletion from the website by WebPublish as each expires

  • Multiple website FTP servers can be assigned, with configuration templates enabling varying combinations of options

  • UNIX users can be assigned individual permissions to upload, download, delete and rename files

  • UNIX file access permissions are honored so users cannot upload any files that they do not normally have access to

  • Files and file sets scheduled for automatic deletion can be listed and the deletion cancelled

  • The directories where uploaded and downloaded files must reside can be specified to enhance security

  • File transfers can be performed in the foreground or background, with an optional e-mail message sent to any number of specified users using a standard SMTP server in the event of an error

  • This product is completely self-contained so no additional web/Internet software needs to be installed or configured on the server (not even FTP)

  • Since all Internet connections are outgoing, the system remains secure and no ports need to be opened on the firewall

Examples of use

FineLine WebPublish provides the ability to update your website directly from your UNIX server for:

  • Product catalogs
  • News articles & weather updates
  • Public service announcements
  • Project / case status
  • E-zines & "blogs"
  • Contact lists
  • Image galleries
  • New listings
  • Periodic reports
  • Current inventory
  • Meeting / completion / shipping schedules
  • Custom file uploads based on web form requests
  • And any other application that requires web pages and web files to be updated...

Because FineLine WebPublish only requires the execution of simple UNIX system commands, it can be used to tie data in a UNIX database directly to related website data:

Example 1: A real estate listing company could enter the information for a new listing into a UNIX database and when the record is saved, WebPublish could generate a custom web page for that listing and post it to the website along with its associated images. Using this approach, the UNIX database and the listing data on the website now match so the UNIX database can be used for property searches (ex: all 2 bedroom homes in a certain zip code), with the results of the search generating a custom web page containing links to all of the matching property pages without worrying about "broken" links. In addition, with FineLine WebPublish, the database could also issue a command to delete the related web data when the UNIX database record for a listing is deleted - keeping the website contents consistant with the UNIX database and avoiding "zombie" files wasting space on the website.

Example 2: Since FineLine WebPublish provides a file "push" functionality, it can also be used with FineLine WebLink to place temporary files on a website at the request of a web form user. For example, a web user requests access to all signed documents spanning a length of time. WebPublish is used to post all of the specified image files and then WebLink returns a custom web page to the user that contains links to the available images. Later, WebPublish can even automatically delete all of the posted files after a specified time, if desired.


The UNIX server must have network access to the Internet or directly to the website's FTP server.

Supported UNIX platforms

  • SCO OpenServer 5 / 6
  • SCO UnixWare 7
  • Linux

Product licensing

This product is licensed by single UNIX server (unlimited users).


Per UNIX server:  $695   (Unlimited users)


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FineLine WebPublish


FineLine WebPublish

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